How To Set Up Xero Integration

As a customer of Wisenet, the Xero Integration feature is included in most of our Editions.  Follow the steps below to set up your Xero connection.  If you do not see the option to connect Xero on the LRM then log a support request.

Required LRM Access: Account Owner Only


Connect Wisenet to Xero
  1. Navigate to Wisenet LRM > Settings
  2. In the Integration box, Click Connected Apps
  3. You will see a list of all your Connected Apps as well as Available Apps.
    1. If you already have Xero successfully connected, you will see it under the list of Connected Apps where you can then manage app if required.
    2. If you see Xero under the Available Apps section, next to the Xero Application select Connect to begin the authorisation process.


Connect Xero to Wisenet

Having selected “Connect” the process will take you to Xero to complete the connection process.

  1. Login to Xero using a username/password that has access to the Xero account that you wish to link
    1. If you are already logged in you will not need to login again
    2. If you are logged into the wrong Xero login then logout and cancel the process and start again
  2. Once logged in, you will be asked to allow access to Wisenet for a Xero organisation
    1. If you have access to more than 1 Xero organisations then you will need to choose the Xero account that matches the Wisenet account you are linking
  3. Once ready click the Authorise button

Note: If you do not have any organisation to choose from then your Xero username does not have appropriate access.  You will need to find someone that can help you connect.


Confirm Connection

Once authorised, the page should redirect to LRM where the user will see the manage Xero Connected Apps page with a Connection Successful! message.

  • The Connection Status should show as Connected Successfully
  • The Xero Account Name should show the correct linked Xero Account Name

If there are any issues you will see warning errors and it is best to choose the Disconnect App option and try to connect again


Sync Existing Records (To be completed if this is the first time you have connected Xero to Wisenet)

If this is the first time you have connected Xero to Wisenet you may need to:

  1. Apply the Finance Process in Wisenet which involves:
    1. Syncing existing Learners to Xero
    2. Generating Invoices and
    3. Syncing them with Payments back to Wisenet
    4. NOTE: Wisenet can assist in completing this in bulk.
  2. Sync Existing Invoices in Xero to Wisenet:
      • Only Invoices that are linked to a Xero Contact created by Wisenet can be sync’d back to Wisenet
      • Therefore existing Invoices may need to be moved to the Wisenet Xero Contact using the Xero Merge Contact Process
(Optional) Manage Connection

The integration is designed to run automatically without intervention, however from time to time you may need to complete a manual sync OR reconnect the application.

To do so, simply navigate to Settings > Integration > Connected Apps and click Manage under the Xero Application which will provide you with a list of sync options.


  • Only proceed with a Re-sync if you need to resolve manual sync issues
  • Do NOT Re-sync if the routine Xero integration syncing is working fine
  • If any Xero records were unsuccessfully processed, you will see an Alert count on the dashboard to highlight the issues. Simply click on the count which takes you to the Event Alert Xero records that need your attention. LEARN MORE: How to Use Xero Event Alerts

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