How To Sync Existing Xero Records to Wisenet

After you have set up your Xero account with Wisenet, you may need to sync existing records. The article outlines the required steps to:

  • Sync Wisenet Learner records to Xero Contacts
    • This will create a new duplicate record if the Learner already existed in Xero
  • Merge the duplicate Keeping the Wisenet generated Contact
  • Once all the merging is completed the Xero Invoices can be Resync’d which will add them to Wisenet

Required Pre-Steps: Set Up Xero Integration

Required LRM Access: Owner


Ensure Wisenet Learners are in Xero Contacts

This step involves syncing the required Learner records from Wisenet to Xero. You can identify a Xero Contact that has been generated by Wisenet by finding the Learner RefInternal number against the Learner. If you do not see this number then it is the old Xero Contact record.

This process will create a new duplicate Xero Contact record if the Learner already existed in Xero. This is required so that you can then merge contacts and keep the Wisenet generated Xero Contact.

There are a number of ways to Sync a Learner to Wisenet.


Set the correct Wisenet generated Xero Contact

Once the Wisenet generated Xero Contacts are created you can then use the Xero Merge Contact process which will move the Invoice and other Financial details to the correct Xero Contact record.

  1. Navigate to Xero and go to your Contact list
  2. On the Left Menu, Choose All
  3. Make sure the list is ordered alphabetically
  4. Look in the list and go from page to page and see where there are duplicate contacts due to one having the Wisenet Student Number in it
  5. Tick the checkbox against the non-Wisenet contact, then choose Action and select Merge
  6. A popup will show to choose the record to merge this record into (as per screenshots below). Search for the required Wisenet contact
  7. You should now have one record remaining that is the Wisenet contact.


  • If you merge a Learner in Wisenet it will change the name in Xero to have the new “Merged” name. You will need to ensure that the correct Wisenet record is in Xero and then also merge the records there keeping to correct Wisenet record. You may then need to resync Invoices.
  • Merged the wrong record? See our FAQs.


Resync Invoices and/or Learner to Wisenet

Xero has a requirement that field ‘Contact Name’ must be unique. Therefore to prevent integration issues, in Wisenet this is derived from the following fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • RefInternal

Example of a Contact Name in Xero: Felicity Jones DAU0000072

NOTE: The only impact this may have is that the ‘ContactName’ is generally the default field used on Xero Invoices. Therefore to avoid having the ‘RefInternal’ field on the invoice you need to create (or modify) a custom invoice template to use the fields ‘ContactFirstName’ ‘ContactLastName’ instead of ‘ContactName’.

  1. Go to Settings > Integration > Connected Apps
  2. Select Manage
  3. Please choose the correct option to resync to Wisenet
  4. Complete relevant date range.
    • Note: If this is the first time you are syncing invoices or connecting Wisenet to Xero please choose a date range 1 year prior to your Xero account.


    • If Wisenet is completing a BULK Learner > SyncToXero update for you, we have a process that sets the SyncToXero = True AND sets the LastModifiedTimeStamp = rundatetime. Xero integration will automatically pick up the new records to sync. Therefore, you do NOT need to then go and manually go to the connected apps and choose to resync because this will actually just do the same process twice. Xero has daily API limits and hence this could breach them.

Here is a snapshot of the fields in Xero and what fields are populated from Wisenet.

PLEASE WAIT…missing invoices

  • If you do not reconnect to the new Xero you will not see any invoices in Wisenet
  • When you resync due to strict Xero integration limits it may take up to 24hrs for all invoices to re-sync
  • Please let your staff know if they can’t see invoices this may be why
  • If after this period you still are unable to see some invoices please:
    1. check the data in the Wisenet fields being sent to Xero to make sure that all records are correct, i.e. incorrect email addresses with blank spaces in the email addresses
    2. if no incorrect data identified and Learner record is still not syncing, then raise a support ticket