How to Add or Edit a Contract and Training Schedule

All VET learners must be attached to a contract.  Owners or Administrators will be required to add new Contracts and Training Schedules for each new contract year.  If you are delivering a contract on behalf of another RTO you should set up a contract in Wisenet as if you hold the contract for your reporting and ease of use.  You will need to enter a Fee for service contract for each state that you deliver in.

Required LRM Access: Owner or Admin


Navigate to LRM > Settings > Configuration > Contracts


Enter Contract Code / Course Site ID
  1. Click on the Actions Menu and click Add Contract
  2. Enter the following details and click Save Contract (the table below provides more information):
    • Contract Code
        • Contract Code should be unique
        • There is a limit of maximum 12 characters with no space in between
    • Description of your contract
    • Select the relevant State or Province
    • Start Date and End Date
      • NOTE: Wisenet recommends for reporting purposes that each year a new contract is created. Remember when creating a new contract that the Contract Code should be unique.
  1. From the list, select the contract that you need to edit
  2. Click Action, and Select Edit
  3. Make the necessary changes then click Save


Note: The benefit of being able to edit the contract End Date will allow you to archive old contracts. Contracts dropdown will filter to only show active contracts based on current date making it easier to find.


If you deliver Fee For Service (FFS) training in Western Australia (WA), for State, select Other (Aus). This will enable the national outcomes for you to choose under the unit enrolments.


Enter Training Schedule / Booking ID
  1. Search and Select the relevant Contract from the provided list
  2. Click the Action Menu paralleled to Training Schedules/Booking IDs, Select Add Schedule
  3. Under Add Training Schedule, Enter the following information then click Save (the table below provides more information):
    • Booking ID / Course Site ID Code
    • Booking ID / Course Site Description
  4. If you need to add another Booking ID (NSW & Qld only), click Add and repeat the above step
  5. When finished, Click Save
Edit Training Schedule / Booking ID
  1. Search and Select the relevant Contract from the provided list
  2. Click the Action Menu for the relevant Schedule/ID, Select Edit
  3. Make the necessary changes, then click Save (refer to the table below for more information)


  • All enrolments attached to this training schedule for this contract will be updated
  • Training Schedule Code can only be 12 characters MAX as per guidelines set by the department
Guidelines to enter Contract Code & Booking IDs

This information may be subject to change and it represents or includes Wisenet’s interpretation of published government documents.

This is intended to provide general information only. You are responsible for your compliance reporting.

We recommend that you refer both to the National collection guidelines and to the guidelines of each state that you deliver in. You can find links to many of these here: AVETMISS: Data specifications and Websites: Key Australian Government and Industry Websites or the VET Provider Collection specifications Release 8.0