UIP Upload Process

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: UIP

Required LRM Access: Owner

Required Pre-Steps: Set Up for Correct UIP Reporting


  • Wisenet highly recommends you to follow the UIP manual upload process as this will allow you to have control over the data that is submitted to the department.
  • Any update made to the UIP data field will reflect on the #2134 UIP Export report
  • Learn More? UIP Fields Guidelines

Review and Resolve


Run the Report 2082 and export as Excel to review linked Unit Enrolments


Resolve any issues outlined in the report which is marked in Red

  • The cell marked in Yellow is just a warning.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If not resolved, that record won’t be reported to UIP

Creating submission files for the UIP upload portal


Go to Reports > Search for report 2134 UIP Export 

In Step 3 of the Reports , select Generate Report

  • Type in the Reporting period Start and End Date and then click View Report
    (Reporting Period Start and End Dates are the dates specified in the email sent by UIP)
  • Select the csv format to download and then click Export
Logic for report #2134
For a record to appear in the report, the following checks must be true:
  • The Unit Enrolments or the Course Enrolment Qual Issued Date must be active during the selected reporting period
  • Learner must have a passport
  • Learner must have a NSN
  • Course Enrolment For UIP is ticked
  • Unit For UIP is ticked
  • Unit Tuition Weeks and Supervised (Nominal) Hours Per Week must be more than 0
  • Unit Enrolment Fund Source must be 02 or 03
  • Unit Enrolment Unit Fee must be more than 0

Learn more? How to Generate a Report


Open the file in Excel and save the file as a Unicode text (*.txt) file.

Click ‘File’, ‘Save As’, and under the ‘Save as type’ list, select ‘Unicode text (*.txt)’. Then click ‘save’.

A popup window may appear saying “some features in your workbook might be lost if you save it as Unicode Text”. If this popup window appears, you should click “Yes”.


Logon to the UIP portal (https://uip.education.govt.nz) and upload the report.

For more information about using the Portal, refer to “Quick Reference Guide 2: Using the UIP upload portal”, available on STEO on the UIP Reference Documents page.