Introducing Unit Standards and Components

In UIP, a Component is the lowest level of tertiary training that a Learner is enrolled in at a provider. Synonyms used include paper, module, unit and course.

Different providers have different Unit Standard / Component structures. It is entirely up to the provider how they setup UIP Components. We have provided some scenarios below.

There are also guidelines on the UIP website for how this can be completed.

Government UIP Component Case-Study

The information provided is based on our interpretations of the UIP requirements. We recommend that you contact the government to validate your component setup.

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1 Component for 1 Unit Standard

This means that your unit standard will be a direct map to a UIP Component. This is useful where you enrol and charge the Learner per Unit Standard.

Required Setup

  • Each Unit Standard is configured to also be reported to UIP
  • Select the ForUIP flag in the Unit and ensure all required fields are configured
1 Component for 2 or more Unit Standards

This is useful when you enrol and charge the Learner per Course Enrolment or per Semester. You would setup a Component based on how the Learner is enrolled and charged throughout the Course Enrolment.

  • If charged once for the Course then a single UIP Unit for the entire Course
  • If charged per semester then a UIP Unit per Semester

Required Setup

In this situation the Course would require additional Units to be added for UIP Components.

Academic units – not for UIP

  • For your academic progress units (e.g. these may be NZQA units or internal modules) ensure that For UIP is NOT ticked on
  • Then carry on as normal for any other reporting such as NZQA

For UIP reporting

  • Create new Unit(s) in Wisenet for your UIP reporting
    • Ensure that an appropriate Unit Code and Description is set for UIP reporting
    • Ensure that the required UIP fields are set and that NZQA fields are not (as you will not want this reported to NZQA)
  • If you have more than one course, you may either create a unit for each course or re-use it by importing unit offers.
  • Ensure that you create offers of this UIP unit in your course offers
  • Ensure that every Learner who should be reported for UIP has an Enrolment in these Unit(s) and meets all the other rules for being included in UIP
Enrolling Learners into Components
  • Learners should be enrolled into both Unit Standards and Components as Unit Enrolments as required
  • During NZQA and UIP exports Wisenet will determine what Unit Enrolments need to be sent to each export based on UIP and NZQA settings at the Wisenet Unit level

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