Welcome to the FAQ page. Here we will try to answer your most common questions about this feature.  If you cannot find your question from the list provided, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page in the ‘Comment’ section with your relevant question and we will update the list if applicable.

What Organisation data is reported in the UIP?
  1. Training Organisation details, i.e. Provider Code
  2. Courses & Units delivered/ being delivered to learners you are reporting
What Learner data is reported in the UIP?
  1. Basic details, i.e. Name, D.O.B, Gender
  2. Contact details
  3. Demographic details, i.e. Citizenship, iwi (if applicable)
  4. Course and Unit enrolment details inlcuding completions
Do we have to do UIP reporting?

All tertiary education organisations that are unfunded and are signatory to the International Students Pastoral Care Code of Conduct are required to report via UIP web services. If you aren’t sure, check with TEC.

What is a UIP Unit Enrolment?

A UIP unit enrolment is any enrolment where the unit that is marked ‘For UIP’ and the course enrolment is also marked ‘For UIP’

Can we delete or remove a Unit Enrolment?

The UIP data collection has no provision for deleting learner component enrolments. However Wisenet does allow you to delete unit enrolments, for example where the enrolment was created in error.

Wisenet has been instructed by the UIP team to treat a deleted learner component enrolment the same as an unsuccessfully completed learner component enrolment.


If you delete a UIP unit enrolment in Wisenet, then Wisenet is required to:

  • report this learner component enrolment in the UIP as unsuccessfully completed
  • report the end date as today’s date
Some records are not sending to UIP
No records are sending to UIP
  • Make sure the account user name and password are up to date in your Wisenet portal
  • Make sure your account is not in ‘Test Mode’ (in the Wisenet portal)
  • If you have just completed initial onboarding and compliance testing, have you requested us to switch on UIP live streaming for you?
I need to move an enrolment. Will this cause a problem in my UIP reporting?

No, it will be fine. The record of the enrolment will carry across when you move it. An update may be triggered if fields have changed.