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I have set up a machine account, I can’t access the NSI database via Wisenet

Try logging into the NSI website:

either, with the Test account Username and Password at the Test site: https://nsicompl.nsi.govt.nz/interface/nsi_soap.wsdl
or, with a Live account Username and Password at the Live site: https://nsi.education.govt.nz/home.aspx



  1. In the Wisenet Portal, check that you have entered the correct value for all four fields. They are all crucial, if any one is missing/wrong the Wisenet NSI interface will not provide access:
    • NSI Organisation Number (use the test number if you’re in test mode)
    • User name
    • Password
    • If you are in ‘test mode’, make sure that ‘NSI Is Test’ is ‘TRUE’ in the Wisenet Portal. Else it should be ‘FALSE’
  2. If you had to change your password, remember to put the new password into the Wisenet Portal settings


Make sure you use the test site link for a test user name and password, the live site link for a live user name and password. If this does not work then:

I get an error message “Can’t obtain access token from ESAA”

Your password expires in one year. So, you will be required to contact the Ministry of Education to get the status of your NSI account. Please email service.desk@education.govt.nz to obtain your new password.

If you have checked all these points and still get an error, please log a support request and we will investigate further.

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