NZ National Student Numbers (NSN)

Introducing NSN

Wisenet provides a web service in conjunction with the Ministry of Education (MoE) which allows you to retrieve and allocate the NZ National Student Numbers directly via Wisenet. This service uses SOAP access (an internet data sharing protocol) via the Wisenet Learning Relationship Management (LRM) system.

Unlike a login for the NSI website – where each user must have their own individual login – this is a login for your PTE to access this service via Wisenet.

Set Up REST access for your organisation

The steps to set up REST access for your organisation differs from whether your PTE have their NSI Login Credentials or not.

How To Set Up REST access for your organisation

Use Wisenet NSN Service live

If you have NOT encountered any errors in the set up process then, you are ready to use the Wisenet NSN REST Service Live.

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