How to Set Up Enrolment Checklist Templates

You can quickly add default Enrolment Checklists during the enrolment process by setting up Enrolment Checklist Templates against a Course Offer or Unit Offer.

This allows you to select which Checklists with desired Checklists values. This can save a lot of time during enrolments.

Required LRM Access: Owner or Admin


Navigate to the Enrolment Checklist Templates Page

Enrolment Checklist Templates can be added to both Course Offer and Unit Offer.

  1. Navigate to the relevant Course Offer record
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, click Enrolment Checklist Templates
  1. Navigate to the relevant Unit Offer record
    • This can be via the Unit Offer top navigation and searching for a record
    • Clicking through from the Course Offer > Unit Offers list
  2. Once in a Unit Offer record, On the Left Navigation Bar, click Enrolment Checklist Templates


Add/Remove Template Checklist Items

Having navigated to the appropriate Enrolment Checklist Templates section:

  1. Click on Add / Remove Checklist Items
  2. The list of Available Checklist Items will appear, tick the checkbox for the relevant Checklist Items
  3. In the Action Menu at the bottom of the page, Select Confirm Checklist Item Selection
  4. You will be prompted to Set Defaults. Would you like to set defaults?
    • Yes: Tick the fields that you wish to populate and enter the relevant data, then click Save Changes
      • You can always changes these values individually or in bulk later
    • No: Just click Save Changes

You will now be taken to the Enrolment Checklist Template page with selected Checklists.

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Update Checklist Values

The following checklist fields can be updated as required:

Checklist Fields (Click to expand)
  • Staff (Optional)
  • Amount (Required) (Note: the amount has to be the same for any fixed fees)
  • Completed? (Optional)
  • Tax Exempt? (Optional)
  • Date Due (Optional)
  • Date Completed (Optional)

Once in the correct Checklist section you can proceed:

  1. You should see linked Checklist Items
  2. Tick the checkbox for each Checklist Item you wish to update
  3. In the Action Menu, select either:
    • Edit Checklist Items if you will be entering different data into each Checklist Item, or
    • Bulk Edit Checklist Items if you will entering the same data into each Checklist Item
  4. Enter the relevant data into the fields as applicable
    • If you selected the bulk option, you must tick the fields you wish to update first
  5. Click Update

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When you copy a Course Offer you can also copy these Enrolment Checklist Templates

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