How To Monitor, Process or Change eCAF Submissions

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: eCAF

Required LRM Access: Admin


Monitor a Learner’s eCAF Status and Process

You can view eCAF Status via the eCAF Report Section, an individual Course Enrolment or via the eCAF system.

This is the best way to monitor eCAFs as it can automate your processes. You can access this page via Reports > eCAF/Progressions > eCAF Summary

Here you can view:

  • Enrolments Pending eCAFs. Displays all Course Enrolments that still require students to submit their eCAF forms.
    • Click on the eCAF ID number and follow up with the Learner as needed.
  • Unprocessed eCAFs. Displays all submitted but unprocessed eCAFs
    • This means that the Learner has submitted their eCAF but it requires processing in Wisenet to ensure that all of the required fields are set.
    • eCAFs with Status No Exceptions can be processed by clicking on the Process All button
      • This will Process the eCAF and set the Accessed VSL Flag to True
      • Tax File Numbers will be updated (if provided)
    • eCAFs with Exceptions must be processed manually via https://ecaf.education.gov.au/provider
      1. Review Exceptions
      2. Once approved set to Processed in eCAF system
      3. Go to Course Enrolment in Wisenet and set:
        • eCAF status to Processed
        • Accessed VSL Flag to True
        • Also update the Learner Tax File Number

If possible do not manually process from within the eCAF system else the Wisenet integration will not be able to process the eCAF against the Course Enrolment.

When in a VSL Course Enrolment look for the eCAF Details section. You can see the eCAF Status here.

You can manually update the eCAF and VSL details from within the Course Enrolment if required.

This option is only recommend when manual intervention is required due to exceptions. Login into the eCAF system and view the Enrolments or ECAF records as required.


Integrity Reports

There is also a report #0813 that provides eCAF status and information.

How to Generate a Basic Report


Change an eCAF Submission

You may need to change the details of the submission if information was incorrect or a Learner decides not to proceed.

  1. Go to relevant Course Enrolment
  2. Select Action and Edit
  3. Go to the eCAF section and select CLEAR

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Clear or Delete

You will then have two options: Clear or Delete

Clear=removing the link from LRM (Wisenet) only. If you accidentally entered in the wrong eCAF ID and wanted to edit it. You will then need to go through the eCAF submission steps again (as written above)

Delete=Delete enrolment from eCAF system.

  1. Select your option
  2. Save

This will only remove the Learner from eCAF if they have NOT yet been processed in the eCAF system.

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