How to Edit your Personal Moodle Profile

Your Moodle Profile page can be viewed only by certain other individuals. For example, learners cannot view each other’s profiles, but an Trainer / Teacher can view the profiles of the learners enrolled in a course they are teaching.

Profile settings also impact privacy to some degree. You can choose to hide your email address from others, or choose to upload a photo to display when you contribute to a forum.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Moodle


Navigate and log in to your Moodle site


From the User menu (top-right), select Profile. Your Profile page opens.


On your Profile page under User details, click Edit profile (at right). The Edit profile page opens.


On the Edit profile page, we recommend you consider the following settings:

  • Email display:
    The Email display dropdown menu lets you choose to:
       Hide your email from everyone (learners cannot hide emails from teachers, but this will hide it from other learners).
       Allow everyone (in Moodle) to see your email (This can’t really happen, but the setting is there).
    •   Allow only people in your courses to see your email (default).
  • User Picture:
    Click the User Picture heading to upload a picture of yourself that will display in discussion posts and message screens.


To save changes to settings, click Update profile. You’ll be returned to your Profile page.


Hiding your email address does not prevent Moodle from sending you emails; it prevents other Moodle users from seeing your email address.

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