2019 SDR Changes

There are two new fields that will be required to be reported for SDR and they have been added into Wisenet to help you be ready for your 2019 reporting:

  1. Fees Free Eligible
    • Is the Learner eligible for Fees Free funding?
      • Y – Yes
      • N – No
      • U – Unknown
  2. Fees Free Total
    • Indicating the total fee for the collection year^, inclusive of GST, for an individual Learner (domestic). It is the sum of the following three components:
      1. Tuition fees
      2. Compulsory course cost fees
      3. Student services fees + any other compulsory fees


  • ^This Total Fees value must only contain fees for the collection year and not the fees for the entire qualification that could span multiple years
  • Hence we have opted initially for a new field allowing the provider to enter a Total Fee charged for a Learner in a specific year, i.e. Total Fees 2019


Updating/Editing the new fields for individual Learner
  1. Navigate to LRM>Learners
  2. Click Personal Details 
  3. Scroll to the Fees Free section of the page to update/edit the following new fields:
    • Eligibility
    • Total Fees 2018 – (Optional for your 2018 reporting)
    • Total Fees 2019 – (Compulsory from 2019)


Bulk Update Learner

There is a new bulk update feature to set these values:

  1. Navigate to LRM>Course Offer
  2. Open the relevant Course Offer and on the Left Navigation Bar, Click Enrolments
  3. Select the relevant enrolments by ticking on the tickbox next to their name or the top tickbox to ‘select all’
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on the Action button
  5. Select Bulk Update Learners and select the appropriate field(s) to bulk update as per screenshot below
  6. Click Update