Permitted File Types

The following file types can be uploaded to Logbooks and to Public Files/Insert Media. If there’s another file type you think we should allow, please log a support case to request it.

Permitted file types
  • Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  • Adobe PostScript (.ps)
  • Electronic Publication (.epub)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc/ .docx)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt/.pps/.pptx)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls/.xlsx)
  • OpenOffice Text Document (.odt, .sxw)
  • OpenOffice Presentation Document (.odp, .sxi)
  • OpenOffice Spreadsheet (.ods, .sxc)
  • All OpenDocument formats
  • Plain text (.txt)
  • Rich text format (.rtf)
  • Images (JPG,PNG,TIFF etc)
  • Audio (MP3)
  • Zip archives (.zip)
  • Email (.eml, .msg)
  • Open XML Paper Specification (.xps)
  • High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF, HEIC)


For performance reasons Wisenet LRM supports uploads of up to 5 files of up to 10 MB each.

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