How To Bulk Update Schedule

The Bulk Schedule feature allows you to select Unit Enrolments and schedule Start and End Dates which can be evenly split across a specific period.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Training Plans, Bulk Updates

Required LRM Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Unit Offers, Enrolment


Navigate to LRM > Learners


  1. Open the relevant Learner Profile
  2. In the Enrolment section click on Action and select View Unit Enrolments
  3. Tick which Units you wish to change the Start and End Date for
  4. Under the list of Units, In the Action Dropdown, Select Schedule
  5. Enter in Date details. The total date range for Units selected.
  6. Enter Units per group. This will group the number of Units to have the same Start and End date.
  7. Order by: 
    • Stage. This will have to previously been indicated at the Unit Offer.
    • Unit Type: Core or Elective
    • Unit Code: Lowest to highest
  8. Generate Dates
  9. The dates for each Unit will be evenly spread across the Start and End dates. Any Unit Grouping will have the same dates.
  10. To confirm select Done

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