How To Add and Edit Elements

You can use the Element section to record elements or to record other data such as assessment attempts for the unit.  Here you can see how to add or edit an element to an existing unit.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Elements, training.gov.au

Required LRM Access: Admin


Navigate to LRM > Units


  1. Search and Select the relevant unit
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, click Elements
  3. When the Elements Page appears, from the Action Menu on the right hand side, select and click on Add


In the Code Field, type the Element number

In the Description field, type the Element Name

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Only include the Element Code and Name.  Do NOT include the Performance Criteria.  An example of an Element Code and Name would be (see image example):

Element Code = 1

Element Name = Interpret freight documentation


Click Save and repeat for each additional element


The Range Field is an optional field to enter numerical data – it is rarely used

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