Introducing Elements

Elements are the basic building blocks of a unit of competency in demonstrating competence.  In Wisenet, you can add or edit Elements to Units.  Use the Element section to record Training Package Elements or for other data such as assessment attempts for the Unit.

Before you begin it is important to understand the assessment criteria required for a relevant Unit of Competency from training.gov.au and make sure you have correctly set up your Courses and Units on Wisenet.

Set Up Elements

Set up required Elements against each Unit of Competency and attach them to your Learner’s Unit Enrolments.

How to Add and Edit Elements


Link Unit Elements to Learner Unit Enrolments

Once Elements are set up the next step is to link them to Unit Enrolments. This can be done in a number of ways:

  1. Add Unit Elements during Unit Enrolment process
  2. Add Unit Elements to existing Unit Enrolments
    • For an individual Student
    • In bulk at the Course Offer/Course Enrolments

How to update Unit Element Enrolments

Update Unit Element Enrolments

Each Unit Element Enrolment can be updated from within the Learner’s Unit Enrolment page. You can set a number of properties during the progress of an Unit Element Enrolment.  Simply follow the steps above on how to update Unit Element Enrolments.