How To Activate the SMS Messaging App

SMS Messaging feature is only available to Wisenet customers who are on our Standard and Premium Editions. By default, the SMS App will be turned OFF in your Connected App feature. However, as a Portal Administrator with LRM Owner access, you can activate the SMS Messaging App within Wisenet LRM.

Required Portal Access: Admin

Required LRM Access: Owner



Under the section Available Apps, Click Connect next to SMS



3.1 Enter a From Name. This is the Sender name that appears on the outgoing SMS, i.e. ABC College

  • Note: This field is limited to maximum 11 Characters

3.2 Set a Monthly Usage Limit

3.3 Tick the checkbox to accept the Terms and Conditions for Usage and Charges

3.3 Click Connect

  • You will now see the SMS App moved under the section Connect Apps


Manage (If required)

Once your SMS App is connected, you have the option to:

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