Fee For Service Contract Set Up

The purpose of this article is to help you with:

  • the specific set up required when adding a FFS Contract to make sure that you do not report the wrong National Outcome Codes regardless of which State you are delivering training in, including Western Australia
  • and, how to fix errors if you set up your FFS Contract incorrectly
Adding a FFS Contract

If your Training Organisation delivers Fee For Service (FFS) training in Western Australia (WA), then you are required to report all Unit Enrolments with a FFS Contract to NCVER.

NCVER requires National Outcome Codes to be reported. And, because there are mismatch in National v/s WA Outcome Codes, the WA Outcome Codes are NOT accepted for National Reporting.

  1. Follow the instructions on How to Add a Contract by applying the following specific FFS set up:
    • Code = FFS
    • Description = Fee For Service
    • State = Other (Aus)
      • This is required due to mismatch in National v/s WA Outcome Codes
Error 3260

If you have accidentally reported the wrong National Outcome Code you may generate Error 3260 in the NAT120 file.

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How to Fix

1.1 Follow instructions on How to Edit a Contract, and change State WA to:

  • State = Other (Aus)