Wisenet Premium Features

Wisenet offers a range of products with features tailored to match a training organisation’s unique requirements. As demands become more discerning, we commit to keep up with our customer’s changing needs and preferences. Hence the reason for offering product and feature varieties that are systematically categorised into standard and premium editions.

In this article, we will explore the changes you benefit from when upgrading to our Premium Editions.

PLEASE NOTE: The features listed are up-to-date as per what is currently available. At Wisenet, we are continuously working on improving and adding more premium features. Therefore, this list will keep growing when new premium products are released.

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What changes with your upgrade to Management Premium

Wisenet Student Management System provides all its customers with robust education management tools so you can conduct your day-to-day operations seamlessly and effortlessly, that is from enquiry to graduation.

We acknowledge that each education provider comes with its own set of requirements in terms of what tools best suit their needs. Whether you are a start-up or in the process of growing your current organisation, we have premium features that can help you achieve beyond your current requirements.

Learncycle Workflows

The encompassing feature that your training organisation need to automate your entire learner lifecycle.

Learncycle Workflows carry out activities triggered by key conditions in the Learner’s Lifecycle. So instead of remembering what to do at each step of an enrolment, set up Learncycle Workflows to complete activities for you.

In addition to what it is built to do, here are the features specific to Premium Edition:

All 3 Trigger Conditions: CREATE | UPDATE | SCHEDULE

  1. Create
  2. Update
  3. Schedule

Multiple Trigger Conditions

Learncycle Workflows are set up with trigger conditions that determine how the automation should be triggered. With premium, the trigger condition options are based on all the following conditions:

  • Course Enrolment/Application is Created
  • Unit Enrolment is Created
  • Application Status is a defined value
  • Application Status Reason is a defined value
  • Course Enrolment Status is a defined value
  • Course Enrolment Status Reason is a defined value
  • Unit Enrolment Status is a defined value
  • Unit Enrolment Status Reason is a defined value

All Activities

  • Create a Task
  • Send an Email
  • Send an SMS
  • Generate a uReport
  • Update Learner
    • Activate/Inactivate Learner
    • Enable/Disable Learner App access
    • Enable/Disable Sync to Xero
    • Set Learner App expiry date
  • Update Course Enrolment
  • Update Unit Enrolment

Scheduling Options

  • Exactly On
  • Days/Weeks/Months Before AND After


Set Learncycle Workflows to apply to specific Unit Offers based on Lists which will trigger for Unit Enrolments linked to the specified Unit Offer List.

How does the Standard Edition currently compares to Premium?


uReport is an easy way to build and generate document templates such as Credentials, Letters of Offer, Welcome Letters, CAN’s, Training Plan and other General templates.

Custom Templates

Wisenet provides you with a choice of pre-designed templates, however you can create and update your custom template as quickly as editing a Word document and uploading a file.

Applications and Enrolments

uReports are generated per Course Enrolment and are auto saved in the Learner Enrolment record for easy access. On Premium, you can also generate uReport on Applications.

Individually | In Bulk | Via Automation

They can be ran individually for a Learner or an Applicant, in bulk for multiple Learners in a Course Offer or automatically with Learncycle Workflows.


You can download, print or email your personalised uReport document to each Learner, Applicant or other recipients as an attachment.


Tasks allows tracking of activities required to complete work-related goals. They can be assigned to individuals or groups, with details of who it is assigned by and have deadlines and priorities. They can be added individually as needed, or automatically using Learncycle Workflows based on trigger events. You can add Tasks at a Learner level, Course Enrolment level and Unit Enrolment level.

Schedule multiple messages using Tasks

With Premium, you can:

  • assign administrative tasks and schedule multiple messages to be sent to multiple recipients internally
  • schedule tasks to monitor Learner progression and make follow up calls / meetings
  • upon completion, schedule messages to send farewell email
  • schedule reminder messages about creating follow up tasks

Bulk Update

Warning Letters

Every Wisenet customer can produce Warning Letters for an individual Learner. However, on Premium, you can produce Warning Letters for multiple Learners, in bulk. They are used for three purposes, namely Attendance, Course Progress, and Fee Payment monitoring.

On Premium Edition, you can create your own custom warning letter templates using uReport Templates.

You can then streamline this process using Learncycle Workflows. When the Course Enrolments meet your trigger conditions, the uReport document will be generated automatically with the learners details substituted for the uReport template placeholders, and sent out as a message if you configured a message. A File Note will also be saved in the Learner / Course Enrolment Logbook.

Enforced Domain

Social Login

Social Login allows you to use either your Microsoft or Google account to log into the Wisenet Portal and access all of your Wisenet apps. It is available for all users however, Training Providers on premium edition have a feature called Enforced Domains. When enabled, this enforces that users can ONLY login to Wisenet using a social login with a specific domain.

If you try logging in with a username/password OR with a Social Login domain that doesn’t match the enforced domain, then you will only be able to see the Login Options page to manage your Social Login.

Usually, a Training Provider will enforce domains when they want to enforce extra security to control which domains can access Wisenet and also leverage the social logins Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA).

There is options to choose to set up 1 or more defined domains.

LEARN MORE: Enabling 2FA/MFA using Enforced Domains


Communication in Wisenet Student Management System is not limited to just one form. Choose whether an email, or an SMS, or both might be the right channels to get your messages across.


SMS Messaging provides you with an alternate mode to instantly communicate with your Learners without having to leave the Management application. All SMS sent are recorded in Logbook against the Learner or Course Enrolment so you can easily track messages sent with their delivery status.

While this feature is available on both Standard and Premium Editions, the differences for being on Premium are:

  • Ability to bulk send SMS from Timetable Class List
  • Option to also provide your Trainers access to bulk send SMS
  • Automate SMS sending with Learncycle Workflows


Use the Student Management System to send and receive email messages.

You can send email messages in many different contexts whether manually or automatically, and you can choose to send them individually or in bulk. And, when you receive inbound emails, they can be saved against any Logbook in Wisenet.

All Wisenet customers have access to inbuilt templates, however, when you choose to be on our Premium Edition, you have access to Custom Email Templates. Use custom templates to build brand identity; to reach a specific or a particular group of audience; to meet marketing goals, and more.

Custom Email Templates can help your team save time so they can focus on increasing productivity in other areas of your business. Your team can create and save as many custom templates as needed with the ease of using placeholders, multiple filter options, insert images using drag and drop, plain and rich text options, and more. You can also customise the ‘From’ name and ‘Reply-To’ address.

Another additional benefit of being on our Premium Edition is the ability to email ‘Issued’ Credentials to Learners as well as to other email addresses.

Save time by use the custom email template feature to setup a new email template specific for Email Credentials. When ready for an Issued Credential to be sent, simply use the ‘Email Credentials to Learners’ option available to securely send the final generated PDF document which is securely locked to prevent the recipient(s) from editing the emailed Credential.

Elearning Integration

Our Elearning Integration allows any customers with an LMS to link Wisenet Student Management System to their chosen LMS in order to simplify managing Elearning Users, Enrolments and Groups if they choose to do so. This is a one-way integration available to all.

Here is what you will get is you choose to upgrade to Premium:

Two-way integration with AutoGrade Sync

Whether you use Moodle, Canvas or other Elearning applications, the AutoGrade feature is designed to update Unit Enrolments automatically in your Wisenet Student Management System when a final grade is received from your LMS. This integration is very powerful, reduces a lot of manual data entry and improves data quality.

The AutoGrade feature works by setting up Auto Grade Rules in Wisenet that contain required logic. You can define and set as many Custom AutoGrade Rules as per your organisation’s requirements.

Wisenet’s team is here to guide you along the way with setting up this two-way integration. You can also use our comprehensive learn resources to understand how AutoGrade works; get an insight of what happens behind the scenes; how to install the integration; how to set up AutoGrade Rules; and last but not least, how to monitor and process grade events.

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What changes with your upgrade to Sales+ Premium

The Sales+ product is a complete Sales Management tool for the education industry to simplify the receiving and processing of online enquiries, and of online applications.

All Sales+ customers have access to the following two main features within the product:

  • Site Management

  • Form Management

However, the two listed features contain sub-features that are specific to its edition. You can learn more about Sales+ Editions here.

Site Management

Unlimited Sites

For a start, once you upgrade to Premium, you are no longer limited to a specific number of sites. You have access to build unlimited sites for your own convenience, and of course with no additional cost. This is beneficial if you deliver an array of different type of courses; or manage multiple delivery sites worldwide; or provide courses in many different industry, etc. You can choose to build 1 site per each of the examples listed.

Custom Branding

Maintain brand consistency across all your sites with the flexibility you get to customise each site according to your brand requirements per product. It not only helps with making your organisation more recognisable, but it also helps with making your organisation stand out from competition.

Multiple Application Types

With premium, you can add multiple Application Types i.e. Domestic, International, Short Courses. The application type will hide or show based on the Access Dates option set. You can also choose whether users can access the Application Type ONLY if they know the code set or not, or belongs to a specific email domain.

Show / Hide Courses

Use Application Settings to choose whether to show Courses / Applications on a site. For example, you can choose for the Application Access Dates to disappear after an early bird end date by choosing a specific period.

Application Link

Add an Application Link to appear next to a published course for applicants to click and start the application process. You can custom name the Application Link and link it to an Agency or a Workplace, and select who the contact is from the chosen type.

Full Automation

Through Learncyles, automated workflows can be set to trigger at different stages of the Sales+ process to help you stay on track with every step of the process.

LEARN MORE: Learncycle Workflows for Sales+

Form Management

Unlimited Forms

On Sales+ Premium edition, you are entitled to unlimited Application Forms AND Contact Forms.

A Contact Form allows anyone to contact you online and have this submitted as a Task or Opportunity against a Sales Contact.

An Application Form allows applicants to apply online and have applications processed directly into Wisenet.

Custom Forms

Customisable Application Form AND Contact Form ensure the right information is collected for each sale and admission process.

Custom Fields

Use Custom Fields to help design your Contact Forms and Application Forms. Once you have added a Field, it can be easily edited and managed all within Form Management in your Wisenet Student Management System.

Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic allows you to add conditions to a field when building Forms. It works on any field except for signature, file uploads and confirmations. It is particularly useful for fields that have follow up questions linked to and dependant on the response for that particular main field. For example, if an applicant replies Yes to the ‘Have a Prior Education?’ question on the application form.

Multiple Intakes

Multiple Intakes (also referred to as Additional Courses) is a feature within your Sales+ Application Form. It allows you to add the option for your applicants to apply into multiple Courses within one application form.

One applicant can apply for a maximum of 5 additional Course Offers from one application form. However, when creating your Sales+ courses, you can set a maximum of 10 courses in Sales+.

Save & Resume

The Save & Resume feature is available for Application Form only. It allows an applicant to save a form and resume with the application form within 30 days. With smart logic in Wisenet’s Form Builder if an applicant has left a page with an unsaved Form, when they return they get a message asking if they would like to resume, therefore preventing applicants to accidentally lose their application progress.

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