March 2019 Release Notes

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The Wisenet team has been working in developing a line-up of incredible new features for 2019 which also include process enhancements and compliance updates.

Bug Fixes

We have exterminated several bugs in this release. If you have logged one, we will contact you personally.

Take a peek at what we’ve released in March.

NEW Sales Section

Get the best of both worlds with the new stand-alone Sales section to help you better manage and convert your Sales Enquiries into successful Sales Applications even if you do not use Wisenet LRM.

  • Two NEW Roles: Sales Admin and Sales
  • Sales Dashboard providing greater insights into both current and historical sales activities
  • Sales Settings section – Sales Admins can edit Sales specific features such as Sales Dropdowns and Sales Email Templates
  • Sales Contacts is a new entity created in Sales and can be linked to a Workplace, Agent or Learner in Wisenet
  • Sales Logbook option with File Notes, Tasks and Email Messaging capability
  • Opportunities – a new Opportunity section where all old records have been moved to the new Opportunity model and mapped to the correct Sales Contact
  • Sales data – we have seeded the new Sales section with your previous Wisenet Sales data
  • Stay tunedmore to come soon about managing your Sales Applications!

Email Message Template Redesigned

  • Improvements to look, performance and functionality
  • Better filtering options
  • Generic Sales Email Templates
  • Sales Contact Email Templates added

Bulk Update

  • New option to bulk update Learners
    • as Is Active
    • into a Target Group
    • sync to Xero
    • Survey Status (AU Only)
    • New Fees Free fields (NZ Only)
  • The bulk update dropdown menu options have been better grouped

NEW Organisations Section

Newly added to Wisenet LRM for the purpose of managing Agents and Workplaces. Further details below about each sub-features.

  • Sales Contacts can now be added to Agents
    • Can be selected when adding a Course Enrolment
  • Agents can be grouped by Regions
  • Positions are no longer setup against a Workplace. They are now only setup in Dropdowns and all are available for selection when adding a Position to a Learner
  • Current Learners page has been replaced with Learners page that allows filtering by Position and Position Dates. You can then navigate to Learner or even Bulk Enrol into a Course
  • Learner Position – New field added ‘Workplace Type‘ simplifying how a position is categorised as a School, Employer, Host Employer etc. This will then be used for displaying in Training Plans
  • Unused Workplaces can now be archived so they do not appear in your Workplace dropdown lists


  • API is now live and known as Wisenet API with improvements to the followings:
    • API documentation
    • PATCH endpoints is more robust
    • improved validations
    • New Endpoints added for:
      • Unit Offer
      • Unit Enrolment
      • Sales Contact
      • Opportunity

Minor Improvements

  • New Field under Learner>Demographics
    • English Test Score Expiry Date
  • Online Enrolment
    • New option to choose whether to add related Unit Enrolments
      • Previously it defaulted to always add Unit Enrolments

Learn Resources NEW LOOK

We have made changes to our Learn Resource Feature pages to improve how you navigate through our resources for a better learning experience.

You can see an example of it when exploring the Sales Feature page.

We look forward to your feedback as we progressively move all resources to adapt the new look.

Old Credential process RETIRING!

NOTE: This is only applicable to you if you do not use uReport.

The old Credential process is retiring effective on Monday 1st April 2019 and we are here to help make this transition easy.

On April 1st 2019:  ALL old templates will be removed from Wisenet LRM.

Between Now & Then (IMPORTANT):

  • You should start to create uReport Templates
  • Any customers who are still using old credentials for Agent Invoice or Student Cards, or for highly customised complex credentials, are recommended to contact us, so we can convert your complex credentials into a custom uReport


  • New fields:
    1. SA field under Learner Personal Details:
      • Work Ready Number (SA)
      • Sent to SSD Date (SA)
    2. National Funding options under Bulk Update Unit Enrolment>Fees & Funding
      • Code 31 International Onshore client other revenue
      • Code 32 International offshore client other revenue
    3. Study Reason option under Course Offer>Course Enrolment>Compliance
      • Code 13 To get skills for community/voluntary work
  • Updated field: Fee Exemption (VIC Only)
    1. Under Bulk Update Unit Enrolment>Fees & Funding, the old Fee Exemption field and values for waiver have been removed
      • The old Fee Exemption value codes were E, I, X or Y
    2. The old field is now replaced with a new field that captures Fee Exemption Waiver for 2019 reporting requirements
      • Data is auto migrated for Course Offer, Unit Offer and Unit Enrolment
      • The new Fee Exemption value code is set to Z for previously updated records


  • Reports>eCAF/Progression Page
    • Resolved issue with loading eCAFs for customers with a lot of eCAFs
    • Additional columns displayed in the Enrolment Pending eCAFs table, such as:
      • Start Date
      • Enrolment Status
      • Sales Person (If not configured, leave blank)
  • Submit eCAF, updated:
    • Fee Help (Non University) eCAF type
    • Existing eCAF types
    • Validations in LRM for submitting to eCAF


  • New option in Gender field called Diverse
  • New fields:  Tip: Use the new Course Offer>Enrolments>Bulk Update Learners feature to save time setting values for these new fields 
    • Fees Free Eligibility
    • Total Fees 2018, Total Fees 2019
  • Updated field:
    • Iwi Dropdown list includes the latest definitions for 2019

Fees Free

  • Use the NEW Report 2117 in Wisenet to extract Learner and Course data for your Fees Free Monthly Data Return.