Is everything as urgent as your stress would imply?

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We want you to enjoy peace of mind along the way of effective task management

Using the Tasks feature in Wisenet can serve as the foundation for efficient workflow in your organisation. You can create detailed tasks to help move your project forward, and they can be added at a Learner level, Course Enrolment level, and Unit Enrolment level.

“We are a small team serving a large student and member base, therefore we need all the increased efficiency and time saving options that we can get our hands on.

Alina from Customs Brokers & Forwarders Council of Australia

To make it easy for you, we give you the options to add Tasks individually as needed, or automatically using Learncycle Activities which is based on trigger events. Learncycle allows you to automatically update records and create Tasks which is triggered by key events in the Learner’s Lifecycle. By “Activities” we mean…

…a set of rules and conditions that you can create to then trigger a desired action/outcome in Wisenet.

In the Learncycle section of a Course Offer you can create a Task. After you have selected your trigger conditions, example

Tasks can be assigned to either a person, i.e. staff member, or to a role, i.e Learner. When the course enrolment meets your trigger condition, the task will be created.  It will be saved in the Client Course Enrolment Logbook and it may be visible to others according to the task and portal settings.

We understand how easy it is to feel overwhelmed when you cannot keep on top of your to-do-list, but it doesn’t have to.  By planning, tracking and reporting, you can easily create a process to manage your day to day tasks while also achieving your individual goals. With Wisenet Tasks, we want to help you to:

 Start each day feeling calm and in control by getting a clear overview of everything, and never lose track of an important task 
 Focus your energy on the right things by easily organissing and prioritising your tasks 
 Automate the process so you can concentrate on other important things and see tangible progress 

Inspired to learn more about how you can auto-complete, and manage multiple individuals or team responsibilities, without spending a fortune on specialised software?

Check out Tasks which is part of our Logbook feature.
And if you want to learn how to automate your task management process, check out Learncycles.