How To Set Up Agent Custom Dropdowns

There are four Agent Dropdowns that you can customise:

  1. Agent Agreement Status
  2. Agent Classification
  3. Agent Status
  4. Region

Required Knowledge: Agents

Required LRM Access: Owner or Admin or Sales Admin


Navigate to  LRM > Settings


  1. In the Configuration box, click Dropdown Lists
  2. Click the name of the dropdown list you would like to customise
    • The most common Dropdown Items that you should use are as follows:
      • Agent Agreement Status – The Agreement that you have with the agent can be tracked via a status It is suggested that you use Current, Pending, Cancelled
      • Agent Classification – To classify each Agent allows you to see who is performing and who is not. It is suggested that you use Gold, Silver Bronze. However you are able to track this status however you like.
      • Agent Status – Agent Status allows you to have Current, Pending or Cancelled. This is great for reporting.
  3. Click Add New option to add a selectable option
  4. Fill out the fields and click Update
  5. Repeat until you have added all required options in your Custom Dropdowns