Emailing Credentials with QR Codes

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Allows you to send a digital version to a Learner
Saves time with printing and manual distribution
Tracks email in Course Enrolment Logbook with delivery status
Great for all types of credentials, especially interim results, statements of attainment and short courses
QR Code makes it harder for digital documents to be forged
Employers or Training Providers can self validate credentials

See It In Action

QR Codes

If QR Code is added to a certificate template, it will be on the PDF once generated.

QR code on cert pdf
Bulk Issue Credentials

If you have multiple Learners with requested credentials, you can bulk issue credentials to save time.

bulk issue credential
Email Credentials

Choose an Email Template and choose email recipient(s), i.e. ‘Send to Learner’, ‘Learner’s Alternative Email’, ‘Other Email Addresses’.

email issued credential
Logbook Tracking

Emailed credentials are registered in the Course Enrolment’s Logbook with delivery status.

credential logbook
Certificate Validation

A digital copy with QR Code allows Learners to easily email their Credentials to Employers or other Training Organisations to validate.

validate credentials

Get Started


  • QR Codes are available for all customers, however, please note for Training providers under NZQA (New Zealand), permission is required by the Qualification Authority before you can apply QR Codes to a Certificate.
  • Emailing credentials is only available on premium edition. Contact us for more details.
  1. If you haven’t already, start by creating a custom Credential template and ensure that you pay attention to the key design considerations
  2. Turn ON your unique QR Code access and add QR Code to Certificate
  3. Create and Edit an Email Template as this will help you standardise your communications and save time
  4. Generate and Email Credentials