How To Generate an API Key

An API key is required to make an authorised request with the Wisenet API.

Required Access: Portal Admin with LRM Admin where API license is enabled


Navigate to LRM > Settings


Add API Key

2.1 On the Left Navigation Bar, click API Keys

2.2 Under the heading API Key Generator, click the Add API Key button

2.3 Provide an App Name

2.4 Click Generate API Key

2.5 Ensure that you save a copy of the API Key as you will not be able to access this again


How to use API Key

Now that you have an API Key you can use it in the API:

  • Add the API Key as a ‘x-api-key‘ header
  • Configure Content-Type Key with corresponding value application/json in the header for POST, PUT and PATCH requests

Go to Wisenet API Docs  for more developer resources.

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