Active Learners and Metering

What is considered to be an Active Learner?

An Active Learner is where the ‘Is Active’ status is ‘Yes’ .  

A Learner must be Active in order to allow activity.

What do you mean by Activity?

Any add/edit/modification made to a learner record, included but not limited to:

  • All activity or modification in relation to a Sales record
  • Personal and contact information
  • Compliance/demographic data
  • Enrolment (course or qualification) data
  • New message/communication sent via Wisenet
  • Attendance records
  • New document generated via uReport
What is an Inactive Learner?

An Inactive Learner is where ‘Is Active’ status is ‘No’.  

  • Data is retained in Wisenet as ‘view only’ and no Activity is allowed.
  • Users will have the ability to perform the following functions for Inactive Learners:
    • View all data. Including but not limited to:
      • Personal, contact, demographic/compliance data
      • Enrolment, course/qualification and results
      • Pre-existing uReport documents, messages and Logbook entries (existing documents can be re-printed)
      • Include in government/compliance exports or reports
      • Include in Wisenet Reports
  • An Inactive Learner cannot be updated or modified in any way either; via the application interface, Learncycle automation, integration connector or API call.
  • Inactive Learners will not have access to the Wisenet Learner App (Learner portal).

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What is the minimum number of Active Learner I need to subscribe to?

Refer to our pricing page

What is the Base Subscription?

The base subscription for the applicable product edition including the stipulated number of Active Learners included.

What users can access the system?

The Per Learner pricing model allows you to have unlimited user access.

Can I switch a Learner from Active to Inactive (and vice-versa) more than once in a month?

A Learner is only charged once per month regardless of regardless of the number of times you update the IsActive status.

If the Learner is commencing their course later in the year however I am enrolling them early in the year how does that work?


  • If you enter a learners contact and enrolment details on 11 April 2018 the Learner is considered Active in April and will be included as an Active Learner for April.
  • You switch them to inactive later that day as their course does not start until July.
  • If you don’t set the Learner back to Active to edit or add activity against the Learner until July then you will not be changed for the months of May and June.
  • However if you need to add a document or email the Learner in May, you will need to set the Learner back to Active and you will be charged for the month of May.
What is the Customer Responsibility?
  • It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the learner ‘Is Active’ status is managed in a timely manner.  Wisenet will not be responsible if the Customer neglects to update a learner status and will continue to invoice accordingly.
  • Wisenet will supply a learner status report to the Customer for reconciliation purposes.
How and where do I see the activity for the Learner in a month?

Wisenet will run a report and invoice for any active learner over and beyond your subscription commitment.

Wisenet Customers will be able to run report #0310 within the Wisenet LRM to monitor this activity themselves.

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