October 2017 Release Notes

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Our major focus for this release is preparing for 2018 compliance.  Changes to the Learner App have been implemented which can assist with improving enrolment processes. We have also been busy testing and releasing smaller (behind the scene) features that will assist with larger and exciting releases to come.

Bug Fixes

There are a stack of bug fixes in this release.  If you have logged one, we will contact you personally.


We are excited to bring back Wisenet Webinars as a regular feature on your calendars!

Places are limited so make sure you register to avoid missing out.

This Webinar will focus on how to get the most out of Reports. Click on the link to register.

Reports 17 Oct, 12pm AEDT

If you missed our last webinar on Learncycles you can watch the video here: Learncycle Webinar

Learner App Enhancements

  • New look and feel
  • Additional colour setting options.
  • Restructure of Learner Details section
    • Basic Tab is now called Personal 
    • ‘Old’ Personal Tab is now called Demographics 
    • Added new Fields and Panels for AU and NZ
    • Enabled editing of Fields in all sections for AU and NZ (this can be configured in your Portal Settings) 

New Learner App layout (click image to enlarge):

We have enabled the capacity for Learners to edit all Demographic fields.


  • This has the capacity to assist with streamlining your enrolment process as Learners can complete these details later.
  • You are notified of any changes made by the Learner so you can always check the validity of these changes if required.
  • It reduces administration time as staff do not necessarily need to complete this section.

If you do not wish your Learners to have this capacity you can change the setting in your Portal How to Edit Portal Settings

Field Changes and Additions

We have added a number of fields to Wisenet for 2018 compliance updates and for general feature enhancements. More compliance changes are scheduled for later this year.

The tabs below contains a snapsot of the major changes within each of these sections.

Fee Help fields and other general field improvements have been added to:

  1. Agent
    • Added: Assigned To
      • Purpose: To associate an Agent to a Staff member
  2. Staff
    • Updated: Staff email now allows larger values
  1. Learner Personal Page
    • Added:
      • Apprenticeship Identifier
        • This is an improved field
        • This was previously captured in RefExternal. This data will be copied into the new field if the Learner has a value in the Course Enrolment > Registration ID field (Delta number)
        • Moving forward you will need to add your apprenticeship numbers to the new field Apprenticeship Identifier otherwise it will not export.
      • Survey Status
        • New AV8 field
  2. Exports
    • AV exports updated to read from new field Apprenticeship Identifier. It will no longer export the RefExternal number
  • Wisenet will continue to add the remaining fields for AVETMISS 8 over the coming months to ensure you are ready for 2018. We will continue to provide updates as they occur.

Some new fields have been added for Fee Help and we are currently working on PIR reporting which will be released soon.

  1. Learner Demographics
    • Added: Additional Entrance Criteria – New FH field
  2. Exports
    • Updated: FH Export updated to allow reporting by custom date ranges similar to VSL export

Changes have been made to various NZQA fields to assist with compliance and processes. See these pages to find them:

  1. Course
    • Added: Course Code NZQA Alternative – Improved NZ compliance
  2. Unit
    • Added: Unit Code NZQA Alternative – Improved NZ compliance
    • Updated: NZCredit value now accepts larger credit values
  3. Location
    • Added: Location Code NZQA Alternative – Improved NZ compliance
  4. Exports
    • Updated: NZQA export to reference the 3 new alternative code fields.
      • If an Alternative value is not provided it will read from the main Code value.