How To View and Edit Portal Settings

As Portal Administrators you are responsible of the default settings you choose to set for your organisation to use the Wisenet Portal and Applications.  This is to guide you on how to view and edit settings in the Portal.

These settings allow you to control the information that is able to be accessed; how and by who. You do not need to update all of the fields but only those that are relevant to your delivery and organisation.

Required Portal Access: Portal Admin Only


Access Settings
  1. Under the Actions column, Click Show Settings for the relevant Wisenet profile
  2. The list of settings applicable to this profile will appear


List of Setting Sections
  1. Scroll down until you find the area you want to edit
  2. On the right hand side of the screen, click Edit for the setting you wish to update
  3. Change the setting details and click Save


Where you are required to use HTML to enter details in the Edit Box, i.e. the Learner App Home Page Text Box, and if you are not familiar with HTML, you can use an HTML Editor Tool.

There are a few free online HTML Editor tool you can use and one of them is: https://html-online.com/editor/

Once you have converted your formatted text to HTML simply copy and paste it into the relevant Edit box in your Wisenet Portal Settings.

These settings are specific to certain applications you have available or use in your Account. You can update settings involving:

  • Export email details
  • Enable Send Credential via Email
  • Student Number settings
  • eCAF

For more examples please see the table below. Please note that this table does not include all of the settings available.

The Learner App is an additional avenue for communicting with Learners. Through the Portal you are able to select and edit various features to control settings.

Wisenet has recently updated the layout and Look & Feel of the Learner App, see image for what has changed.

See the table for a list of settings to manipulate.

Determine what Trainers can and can’t do in Wisenet.

Set up details such as:

  • Online Enrolment Terms and Conditions
  • Online payment options
  • Which pages you want Learners to view

Online Enrolment Colour and Font Settings


When a document is attached to the Terms and Conditions and you need to update/replace that attached document, you can do so in the Settings Logbook > Student Handbook file note section of the LRM.

The “Visible in Online Enrolment” determines if the document will be displayed under the terms and conditions or not.

For more detailed information on the settings see the below table.

Further instructions on Online Enrolment: How to Self Service Enrolment

Online Enrolment Fields in Portal

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