How To Link an Agent to a Course Enrolment

A Course Enrolment can only be attached to one agent and promotion.

  1. You need to have a Course Enrolment and ensure setup is complete for at least one agent and optionally at least one promotion
  2. Ensure that the promotion is attached to that agent if required


Navigate to LRM > Learners


Add Agent to Course Enrolment
  1. Open the relevant Learner details page for the learner you wish to attach
  2. In the Enrolment section of the client page, Click on the name of the relevant Course Offer
  3. On the Left Navigation Bar, click Agents
  4. Click Add Agent
  5. A dropdown menu will now appear with all your agents listed: select the relevant Agent
  6. A second dropdown menu will now appear with all the promotions attached to this particular agent listed: select the relevant Promotion
  7. Click Add
  8. Add all relevant information required in the Sale Agent Detail page
  9. Click Save

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