How To Bulk Update End Dates for Client Units with Enrolment Wizard

This Bulk Update Enrolment Wizard enables you to change the Unit Enrolment End Dates for continuing Unit Enrolments where current End Dates have passed.

Before you begin:

Required LRM Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Enrolment, Unit Offers


Select the Wizard
  1. On the Top Navigation Bar, click Learners
  2. In the Left Navigation Bar, click Enrolment Update Wizard
  3. Select Update End Dates for Client Units

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Select your Criteria
  1. Select the current Outcome Code
  2. Select appropriate End Date criteria
  3. Enter the New End Date
  4. Preview Changes

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Check your Updates
  1. Prior to performing the update check the records by downloading the report
  2. If details are correct, select Run Update

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