Sales Opportunity

A Sales Opportunity is designed to come from online sites (public websites or Wisenet Sales Editions). An Opportunity can collect contact details plus any other required information. The FirstName, LastName, Email and OpportunityName fields are required. Any other field is optional.

Each Opportunity submission goes through the following process:


Sales Contact
  1. Check if Sales Contact exists by Email
    • If Yes. Updates phone number if provided.
    • If No. Creates new Sales Contact.


Sends Email Confirmation to the Sales Contact
    1. This uses the Email Template – Opportunity Received
    2. The email will only send if this Template is Enabled
      • This email template needs to be reviewed, edited and enabled in initial set up. Learn how to manage Email Templates
    3. The email will be logged against the Sales Contact’s Logbook


Create New Opportunity
    1. The Opportunity will be created against the Sales Contact and will appear in
      • Sales Contact
      • Opportunity Board
      • Dashboard Stats (both sales and home)
    2. The following fields will be set based on supplied values
      1. OpportunityName (mandatory)
      2. Amount
      3. CloseDate
      4. Pipeline – Must map to an existing Pipeline value
      5. Owner – Must map to an existing Owner value
      6. Stage – Must map to an existing Stage value
      7. Tags – Must map to an existing Tag value
    3. The Opportunity Notes will contain any extra fields collected in the Opportunity submission
      1. This includes when a field above is provided with an unmapped value
    4. The Opportunity Stage will default to the 1st stage unless a Stage is set above


Viewing Sales Opportunity

Sales Users will then be able to see the Opportunity and Task and nurture the Opportunity as required.

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