CHE File Guidelines

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CHE | Set up for Reporting

How to read the CHE files

There are Four (4) CHE Files mapped to Wisenet Fields.  You can open up the CHE files as exported from Wisenet. Using these field mappings you can see where this data sits in your Wisenet database.

Each CHE File has a File Specification in which there is a table that provides three (3) key pieces of information to help you read the export file:

  1. Fields: Field Title
  2. Length: The length of that field
  3. Position: The column that the field starts in

Although the columns are side by side in the CHE files with no borders between them, you can count the number of characters from the left or open the file using spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel.

Quick Tip

The quickest way to find a field is to type it into the Search function just above the table.

1: Qualification Enrolment
2: Personal Information
3: Staff Employment
4: Student FTE

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