AVETMISS End of Year Data Check 2022-2023


  • The purpose of this guided timeline is to help you get your reporting done efficiently, on time and stress-free.
  • Please note, your lack of preparation will not be considered as urgency if you submit a support ticket at the last minute. Your request will still go in the queue as a normal ticket with normal response time.
  • All RTOs can now submit data quarterly. However, all RTOs must continue to provide a submission to the annual collection on all of the nationally recognised training activity they delivered in the calendar year.

Thank you for your proactiveness!

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AVETMISS End of Year Check 2022

AVETMISS reporting can be a yearly headache for many RTOs – but it doesn’t have to be!

Here is a recording of our recent webinar where you can learn the ins and outs from our Wisenet experts on how to effectively manage your compliance data.

NOW – Dec 31st 2022
Has your RTO conducted any training activity during the collection period of 01/01/2022 to 31/12/2022?

If no, please follow the steps in the AVS User Guide to submit Nil Returns for the annual collection.

If yes, prepare for Funded Contract Reporting and NCVER Reporting.

New to AVETMISS reporting?

We recommend this AVETMISS FACT SHEET and ASQA RTO obligation checklist before you start.

Run Trial Export

Run trial data submissions throughout the year to keep on top of data validation.

  • Run Export
  • Submit to Government
  • Validate
  • Resolve Errors
  • Repeat

How to run an Export

Between now and your final submission, complete Enrolments by following the instructions in the steps below:

  1. Finalise Learner(s) that have completed or have withdrawn
  2. Generate Credential(s) for either a Course Enrolment or by Course Offers

Data needs to be reported accurately as at 31 December 2022. RTOs need to ensure that:

  1. Students are reported with an Outcome identifier – national of ‘85 – Not yet started’ if they have not started training towards the subject
  2. Students are reported with an Outcome identifier – national of ‘70 – Continuing enrolment’ if they have started but will not be fully assessed by the end of 2021.
Dec 24th 2022 – Jan 9th 2023
Wisenet_Christmas (1)
Closed during the festive season.
Jan 1st 2023

Submission window is now OPEN!

Off to a good start!

Submit your final export on 1 January 2023 or as soon as possible before any 2023 data is entered. This will eliminate the possibility of any 2023 data being picked up in your export which will cause errors.

The submission window for the collection period of January 1st 2022 to December 31st 2022 opens for BOTH National and in your relevant State Training Authority (STA).

Learn More? When, Where and How do I report my AVETMISS Data

Run Final Export

Your 2022 training activity should be correctly finalised and ready for end of year reporting. Run your final data submission.

  • Run Export
  • Submit to Government
  • Validate
  • Resolve Errors
  • Repeat until there are zero errors and successful submission

How to run an Export


  • Any training activities started in 2022 that are continuing in 2023 should still be reported as part of your 2022 data collection. It is important that you update all 2022 Continuing Enrolments with the correct Outcome Code before validating and submitting your Export.
  • Refer to the Outcome Codes Australia page for more details.
Jan 15th 2023

Submission window for Funded Contract reporting is CLOSED!

Feb 20th 2023


This is the LAST week for National (NCVER) reporting before the submission window is closed in AVS!

If you haven’t already, run your Final Export for NCVER reporting.

Feb 28th 2023 

Submission window for NCVER reporting is CLOSED!

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