YG Youth Guarantee Travel Report

Youth Guarantee initiatives improve the transition from school to work by providing a wider range of learning opportunities, making better use of the education network, and creating clear pathways from school to work and study. Tertiary Education Commission, September 2019

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Travel assistance funding

Travel assistance funding is the travel subsidy of $800 per EFTS and the Exceptional Circumstances Transport Assistance fund (ECTA Fund) Funding.

The purpose of the travel subsidy (being a component of the YG Fund trade and non-trade funding rate per EFTS) is to support the travel costs associated with normal student travel needs.

The purpose of the ECTA Fund (being a component of the YG Fund) is to provide for additional travel assistance to students who live in relatively isolated areas who may have higher transport needs.

For both types of travel assistance funding, you must:

  1. ensure that the funding, is only used to pay for the actual cost of transport incurred by you or the student to whom it is paid, and
  2. if a student incurs the cost of travel, reimburse the student within a reasonable time after the student has incurred the cost, and
  3. keep records of your expenditure on transport assistance, and
  4. if you supply transport to students, keep records including:
    1. a daily travel logbook that sets out the kilometres travelled in relation to each student, and
    2. the source of funding for each student’s enrolment at your organisation (for example, whether the student is enrolled in a YG Fund funded programme or otherwise), and
  5. if travel assistance funding is paid directly to a student, keep records stating:
    1. the amounts paid to each student, and
    2. the total amount that you reimbursed students for transport.

Youth Guarantee Funding and Payments, September 2019

For up-to-date information regarding Youth Guarantee Fund Conditions, please click here

How travel payments are calculated

The payable amount is the Daily Travel Amount multiplied by the number of attended days in a week.


For the week starting 09/09/2019, Jo Brown attended 3 days in that week and has a Daily Travel Amount of $10.00.

Therefore amount payable for that week ($10.00 x 3) = $30.00

Reporting requirements in Wisenet

The following setup is required in Wisenet to report for Youth Guarantee Travel Payment

Daily Travel Amount

This dollar value is collected in Course Enrolment Checklists. It requires:

  1. A Checklist Item to be set up in settings for section Course Enrolment
    • Checklist Type = YG Travel Payment
    • Checklist Description = YG Travel Payment
  2. The Checklist Item to be added against required Course Enrolment Records
    1. This can be done individually or in bulk against Course Enrolments
    2. It can also be done as part of the Course Offer Checklist Template setup

Number of attended days in a week

  1. Timetables are setup with Classes and Learners are enrolled into Classes
  2. Learners attendance is marked for the Class with a Status = Attended

What report can I generate to view Youth Guarantee Travel Payments?

Use Report #2118 YG Travel Report

This report will list Learners grouped by week. It will auto filter to only show Learners with the required Course Enrolment Checklist and Class details as per above requirements.

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