How To Submit your AQTF Quality Indicator Surveys

Under the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF), RTOs are required to collect, use and report data on three quality indicators, which are:

  1. Employer satisfaction
  2. Learner engagement
  3. Competency completion rate

The first two Quality Indicators require you to issue predefined surveys to Employers and Learners.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Surveys



Send your Survey

How to Send a Survey


Submit your Survey Results

Submit your AQTF Quality Indicator Survey Results by following the instructions on how to report your survey data specific to the following Registering Bodies and relevant to your Organisation’s requirements.

We have contacted ASQA and they have advised that at present RTOs registered with ASQA can either:

  1. Use the SMART tool to generate the reports (no longer available for new users), or
  2. Submit a summary report if you have analysed the learner engagement and employer satisfaction data collected to identify core messages about client service satisfaction, and how this information has been used to continuously improve service delivery. The report should consider issues such as:
    • Numbers of surveys issued against numbers received (rates of response)
    • Trends in response statistics (for instance, which student/employer cohorts provided high/low response rates)
    • Commonalities or surprising/unexpected survey responses
    • Trends with previous year/s QI data findings
    • Information gained from analysis
    • Preventive and/or corrective actions implemented, and how the effectiveness of such actions is or will be monitored

Learn More? Australian Skills Quality Authority Official Website

If you are registered with the VRQA, you can choose to either:

  1. Use the SMART Tool (no longer available for new users), or
  2. Complete the VRQA ‘Reporting of Learner Engagement and Employer Satisfaction Qualify Indicator template’

Learn more or to download the VRQA template:

RTOs that have previously used the SMART system may continue to do so.
RTOs that do not use the SMART system are required to submit a summary report including:

  • The total number of each questionnaire distributed
  • The total number of each survey received back
  • How the learner engagement data has been used to continuously improve the RTO’s services
  • How the employer satisfaction data has been used to continuously improve the RTO’s services (if applicable)

TAC is not prescribing a reporting template at this time.

RTOs can upload the SMART report or a summary report to RTO-Net (My Details -> Competency Completion Tab -> 2011 Learner and Employer surveys) or email to tacqi@des.wa.gov.au

This interim arrangement will apply until further notice.

Learn More? Training Accreditation Council WA Official Site


If you are registered with Queensland or South Australia, as all RTOs registered in these states were moved to ASQA in 2012 by the reporting period, we have not contacted these registering bodies. If you wish to submit your data now, we recommend that you contact your Registering Body for their requirements.

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