How compliant are your Certificates?

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Each time a credential is generated in Wisenet, it is automatically added to a central credential register for audit purposes.

  • With our Bulk option you are not limited to produce credentials for individual course enrolment only.
  • Either Save or Print copies of the Credentials, or do both!
  • Soon you will even have the option to Email Certificates directly to Learner through Wisenet.
  • Have clear visibility of your Credential Status with our Credential Reports – Have they been Requested; Issued; Cancelled
  • Need to Delete a Requested Credentials? The option is there!
  • Need to Revoke an Issued Credential? You can ‘cancel’ it! Is that compliant? Yes it is because it will remain on the register but will be marked as cancelled. This ensures the integrity of your credentials register.
  • And soon to come, you will be able to include QR code for added compliance

Should you use our readily available Credential templates or should you customise your own template?

You can use both.  If this is the first time you are using Credentials in Wisenet, you can start by using the generic template documents we provide and format them as needed. Then once confident with the process you can create your custom templates. We have compiled a number of resources on our Resource Centre to guide you in this process. But if you feel you might need extra assistance, simply contact our Support team.

Here is a quick snapshot of how easy it is to use Credential templates in Wisenet

Credential Type: Statement of Attainment

By using Wisenet Credentials you can:

  • Reduce your risk of non-compliance with automatic credential numbering and credentials register
  • Reduce manual processing through automation and bulk credential creation
  • Increase security with our new QR Code validation


Improve compliance
  • Certificates automatically added to credential register for audit purposes
  • Automatically assigned unique Credential number
  • Automatically update of parchment number for AVETMISS 8
  • Insert QR code for online certificate verification (coming soon)
Save time and money
  • Design your template once – the rest is automated
  • Automatically saved against Learner logbook
  • No repeat manually handling
  • Issue in bulk
  • Customise your template with your own logo, artwork etc
  • Many templates to use
  • Generate Certificate reports
  • All certificate information is stored in Wisenet
  • Improve your internal efficiency (Stop using excel spreadsheets to record your data)
  • Easy to re-issue

Find out now if you are at risk of being non-compliant with your Certificates.