RTO Closure

On RTO closure, Learner records must be sent to ASQA where they will be maintained.

  • Either, use Report 0827 ASQA RTO Closure Data to obtain those data,
  • Or, use the following reports to retrieve your Learner data:
    • 0827 ASQA RTO Closure Data
    • 0029 Course Enrolment Data – use the client ‘notes’ field to enter details of transition arrangements
    • 0033 All Unit Enrolment Data
    • 0494 All Student Demographic and Credential Issue Data

NOTE: If you get an ‘over 5000 rows’ error, you can either:

  • run the report in smaller chunks (e.g. up to 2012, after 2012)
  • log a support request and we will run the reports for you

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