Queensland Error Codes

When AVETMISS data is submitted to the department it is processed through a number of validations. If the AVETMISS data does not pass a validation an error report is generated. Error types include Contract, AVETMISS, STAC, VARS, DELTA and LUI.

Contract type errors are those that are relevant to your claims made against your Pre-qualified Supplier Agreement. These are generated when claims have been made that are not in accordance with departmental policies and agreements.

PQS are encouraged to submit AVETMISS data frequently throughout the month so as to ensure that errors can be rectified before the last working day of the month deadline.

The below information is designed to assist PQS with rectifying their contract type errors. Before seeking advice from your contract manager regarding an error, we encourage you to read these information in conjunction with the pre-qualified supplier and program policies. If you still require assistance after reading these documents, please email your enquiry to supplier.management​@det.qld.gov.au​

Error Codes