Xero Integration – Reconnect

New Xero Integration has commenced. If you are not auto-connected you will need to manually reconnect. 


Navigate to i.e. LRM > Connected Apps


What does this Xero change mean for you?
What Has Changed?
  • Improved Syncing Efficiency 
    • Almost instant sycning of Xero Invoice back to Wisenet
    • Learner to sync within 5 minutes (soon to be instant)
  • Invoice sync now includes Credit Notes, Over payments and Pre-payments. This is also seen on the Learner> Xero Invoice page
  • ‘View Invoice’ will option the Online Invoice instead of downloading PDF. Go to Learner Profile and select Xero Invoices
  • Easier Management
    • Improved connect, disconnect and connection error handling
    • You can now re-sync data yourself

What is the same

  • Still only able to be access by Portal Admin users only
Xero is now found within Wisenet LRM
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Side Navigation bar select Connected Apps

You will need to reconnect Xero to Wisenet and resync invoices 

In order to Reconnect to Xero you must:

  • use your Xero Admin Login details.
  • be a Portal Admin AND a Wisenet User or Admin.

If you do not have an Xero Admin login  you may need to get the holder of these details to enter in the information for you (this is usually an RTO Manager or Accounts).

1. To Re-connect
  • Go to Settings and then select Connected Apps
  • Select Connect. You will need to enter your Xero account details
2. Re-connection Successful 
3. Invoices will need to be completely re-synced 

This is due to the way we now store Invoices

  • To re-sync Invoices choose the second option.
  • Select a date range 1 year prior to your original Xero integration.
  • You will not be notified when sync has been completed. Depending on your date range and volume this may take time. Generate report #0442 to check synced invoices

PLEASE WAIT…missing invoices

  • If you do not reconnect to the new Xero you will not see any invoices in Wisenet
  • When you resync due to strict Xero integration limits it may take up to 24-48hrs for all invoices to re-sync to the new integration.
  • Please let your staff know if they can’t see invoices this may be why
  • If after this period you still are unable to see some invoices please raise a support ticket

If something isn’t quite right or you have questions please log a support and we are happy to help.

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