Wisenet Payments

PLEASE NOTE: This learn article is for an old payment feature which will soon be retired in LRM. Learn More: Xero Integration

Once a Learner has enrolled into a Course Offer or Unit Offer within Wisenet, Administrators are able to record and enter a client’s payment transaction details.

How to View Learner Payments
  1. Navigate to LRM > Clients
  2. Go to the Learner’s record
  3. In the Left Navigation Bar, click on Payments. A screen will open showing Learner payments
    • If no payments have been recorded yet, you will see a line for each course offer the Learner is enrolled in. Clicking on View Unit Enrolments beside each Course Offer will open up the Learner’s Unit Offers
    • The Payments Summary page will be grouped by Course Enrolments or Unit Enrolments, depending on whether a payment is made against a Course Offer or Unit Offer. Click on the [+] icon beside each purchase item to view the list of transactions that have been recorded


The Total Amount Paid will not include transactions with outcomes of “Failed” or “Unknown”

How to Add a New Payment
  1. Navigate to LRM > Clients
  2. Go to the the Learner’s record
  3. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click on Payments
  4. Click on the Action Menu and Select Add New Payment
  5. Select the relevant Enrolment and Under the Action column, Click Pay
  6. Select Payment Method and complete fields
  7. Click on Next. Once details are confirmed, Wisenet will automatically generate a receipt number against this payment
Payment Methods


  • Field “Payee Phone” -Some Learner payment transactions can be made by another person (e.g. another family member). To accurately record and track this information, when entering a transaction record enter the name of the person who is making the payment. We have also included a field for administration staff to record the payee’s contact phone number for future reference. We recommend that the Payee Phone field be used if a payment is made by someone other than the client who is enrolling.

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