UIP Upload Process

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: UIP

Required LRM Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Set Up for Correct UIP Reporting


Advise Wisenet that you are ready to upload to UIP


Wisenet will review UIP data for consistency
  1. Initial upload completed by Wisenet using Wisenet Test UIP account
  2. You will be required to work with UIP Team to resolve any issues


Obtain ESAA Credentials
  1. Once your data has been approved by the Ministry, fill out the UIP Machine Account Production Form.
  2. New Credentials can be set in the Portal settings under NZ UIP section: UIP Username and UIP Password


Complete live upload
  1. Wisenet will perform a Live Initial Upload using the provider’s production UIP credentials, and it will be sent for approval
  2. Once approved, live streaming to UIP will be turned on


  • Going forward, all UIP field updates and validations will be done within Wisenet LRM
  • Any update made to the UIP data field will be instantly sent to UIP

Learn More? UIP Fields Guidelines

Critical! Deleting or removing a unit enrolment

  • The UIP data collection has no provision for deleting learner component enrolments. However Wisenet does allow you to delete unit enrolments, for example where the enrolment was created in error
  • Wisenet has been instructed by the UIP team to treat a deleted learner component enrolment the same as an unsuccessfully completed learner component enrolment
  • If you delete a UIP unit enrolment in Wisenet, then Wisenet is required to
    • report this learner component enrolment in the UIP as unsuccessfully completed
    • report the end date as today’s date

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