Tips To Improve Learners’ Experience

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A well-tuned learning experience will see your Learners walking away with desired Learning outcomes.  To achieve that we need to initially set an engaging learning environment as part of our learning initiative.  The environment can be physical or digital.

“How can we set an engaging digital learning environment for our Learners to achieve their learning goals?”

Asked too often by many among us, so here are 5 tips to consider:


Orient Learners to an application that is live, easily accessible and easy to use.


Explain what to expect so that the Learner does not feel lost or intimidated within a new environment.


Set the Learner up for success by ensuring that the Learner is connected with the experience.  We as adult learn what we want to learn when we want to learn it. We should be able to adjust to our Learners current needs by providing an environment that can support frequent adjustment.


Engagement will lead in effective facilitation from you and learning opportunities for your Learners. A Learner is looking for an opportunity to learn. Use seamless applications that allows you to create that opportunity.


Training objectives should allow Learners to identify their own learning objectives. Allowing the Learner some control will increase their willingness to learn and will prompt deeper and meaningful learning.

As a Training Organisation, while you focus on building great learning resources for your Learners, we at Wisenet, aim at building a seamless application, the Learner App, which allows your Learners to access their courses and learning materials.

Who does not like to have full and free access to materials and resources that one needs for study purposes? Students have enough expenses to worry about so, one less study material to buy is a bonus.  Learners are not required to purchase a mobile application as the Learner App works on any internet browser enabled device using a browser instead of downloading a mobile application. The Learner App allows Learners to log into their own personalised account where they can do more than just accessing study materials.

Where you would prefer to spend your time, in admin or in Learner experience?

Learn how easy and hassle free it is to start your Learner App Journey with Wisenet.

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