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When I click the SugarCRM icon from the Wisenet Portal, nothing happens

Ask your Sugar CRM admin or Wisenet Portal Admin to check whether your user account within Sugar has been made ‘inactive’.

Note: You may still have access in the portal (can see the icon) but your access has been made inactive within SugarCRM itself.

Cross-Site Scripting Error

I’m trying to log in and I get this weird error. What is going on?

This is generally caused by your validation key expiring.

  • Ask your SugarCRM Admin to log in and revalidate the license by:
    1. Logging into their Sugar Account
    2. Click onto Name followed by option Admin
    3. Enter License Management
    4. Click on button Re-Validate
  • If you are an Admin for SugarCRM and you receive this error please log a support request or just Click on the button ‘Re-Validate’

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Only Admins can log in

When trying to log in I receive a message saying only admins can log in

This is generally caused by your validation key expiring.

Ask your Sugar CRM admin to log in and revalidate the license.

Integration with Third party applications

Why are we having issues to connect our Sugar instance via Zapier to Typeform or any other applications?

It is very likely that this integration doesn’t Support LDAP password. As a work around you can create another password in SugarCRM.

  1. Navigate to ProfileAdvanced tab and switch off LDAP Authentication only and Save
  2. Navigate again to Profile Password tab, set password and Save

After this you can use this manual password in your integration. You actually will have two passwords for one account in SugarCRM.


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