RS20 Annual Return


Note that this collection is no longer required as it is superseded by the UIP (Unfunded International Providers) collection.

The RS20 is an annual census that gives a snapshot of enrolment demographics and data on the Learners and Staff at private training establishments.

The data submitted in the RS20 relates to the week that contains July 31st and must be submitted within three weeks.  Please check the STEO website for this year’s deadline.

Do we have to submit the RS20?

You should complete the RS20 statistical return if your organisation:

  • Is registered with the NZQA as a Private Training Establishment,
  • Is an active Private Training Establishment during the week of 31 July, and
  • Does not receive Student Component (EFTS based) funding

To complete the RS20 Electronic Return you need to have an ESAA account with the STEO RS20 Role

  • If you require a new password, or wish to check that you have the STEO RS20 Role on your ESAA account, please contact the Sector Service Desk on 0800 422 599 or moe.contactcentre@minedu.govt.nz [no spam].
Which Learners will appear in my RS20?

Your Wisenet RS20 report will include enrolments that have:

  • a ‘current’ enrolment status and at least one unit enrolment that is current within the week that contains the 31st of July
RS20 Capture Period diagram


There are specific definitions of part and full time study for the RS20 Annual Return. These are recorded in Wisenet as the Study Mode in Course Offer Enrolment.

  • Full time: enrolled for more than 12 weeks and for at least 20 hours per week
  • Part time: enrolled for less than 12 weeks or enrolled for more than 12 weeks but less than 20 hours per week
  • You can use report #2029 to see all enrolments that are being included and the values for each of the fields to help identify any gaps in data collection
Completing your RS20 Return Template
  1. Obtain a copy of the RS20 Return Template
  2. In Wisenet, run report #2028 and export to Excel
  3. Follow the instructions in the exported report:
    • Copy and paste the blue cells from each sheet into the yellow cells in the relevant template sheet. The template will calculate totals for you
    • If the total counts do not equal one another then please run Report #2029 to see Learners that are missing data in gender, ethnicity etc

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