How To Record and Report Foundation Skills LLN Assessments

Non-accredited or pre-accredited programs provided by Adult and Community Education providers are classified in the Foundation Skills category for the purpose of tuition fee calculation. Otherwise, this category is limited to the specific qualifications listed on the Skills Victoria website.

To record and report Foundation Skills LLN Assessments, follow the steps below:

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Skills Victoria Funding

Required LRM Access: Admin


Set Up Checklists
  1. Navigate to Settings > Checklists
  2. From the Checklist Category Dropdown select Course Enrolment
  3. Set up the following checklist:


Enrolment template checklists

Add the checklists from step 1 to your Foundation Skills Course Offers as Course Enrolment Template checklists.


Select a value for Assessment Type in COR
  1. Update the LLN Assessment Type in the Client/Learner Course Enrolment to record which kind of assessment was used.


Edit individual results

In the Learner Course Enrolment Checklist Items, update the Amount field to show the Learner’s assessment result

  • Make sure the checklist item is marked as completed
  • This report only shows the first two decimal places according to the reporting requirements
  • Values less than 0.01 will report as 0


Generate Report 0541
  1. Generate a basic report and run Report 0541
    • Note: To retrieve the csv you should click on View Report then Export and select csv as the export format
    • See table below for Field Mapping for Report 0541

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