PIR Student Reporting

If you are a Higher Education Provider this resource will help you with information about what to report and how to report PIR (Provider Information Request) Student data.

 What and How?

Have you already registered and have your own Log On ID and Password to report with HEPCAT and access HEIMS Online? They are the two applications that you will use to report, check and certify your PIR data.

If you haven’t registered yet, complete and submit the PIR Access Request Form

 What to Report

The table below provides a list of data elements / fields that are required for your PIR Student Reporting.

How to Report

PIR data is reported using the Higher Education Provider Client Assistance Tool (HEPCAT) which is a PC based application provided by the department. It helps you to prepare, validate and submit your data to HEIMS.

To import data into HEPCAT your data must be in a flat (or text) file format.  If your data is in an Excel spreadsheet you will need to convert it into a flat file before importing directly into HEPCAT.

Note: HEPCAT will only allow you to import files that conform to the file naming convention for the submission type you have selected.

How to Install HEPCAT 

How to Convert a Microsoft Excel file to a Flat file

PIR File Naming Convention

When to Report

Both Student and Staff data are submitted through the department’s Higher Education Information Management System (HEIMS) streamlining this data to a single collection. The PIR schedule for reporting commences from July 1st with submission due by August 31st.

Export Errors

Validations are required when reporting data to the department to check its accuracy and consistency and ensure it meets policy and program rules.  There are two Validation processes:

  1. HEPCAT: where your data is checked to minimise data quality issues
    • i.e: data is accurately codes and dates are in correct format
  2. HEIMS: where your data is checked against the data you have previously reported to the department to check for consistency

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