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Welcome to the FAQ page. Here we will try to answer your most common questions about this feature.  If you cannot find your question from the list provided, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page in the ‘Comment’ section with your relevant question and we will update the list if applicable.

Before you set up online payments in Online Enrolment
  1. Check that your bank offers an on-line merchant facility
    • You must have a merchant account set up with your bank before you can create a PayFlow Pro Account
    • Most banks have an on-line merchant facility available that can be activated for your normal bank account
  2. Check that your bank/bank account is compatible with PayPal
    • If either of these is incompatible, you cannot take online payments through Online Enrolment
    • In this instance, you may opt to take credit card payments by phone and process through an electronic transfer (EFTPOS or NETS) machine at your office
  3. Purchase a PayPal “PayFlow Pro” Payment Gateway
    • Ensure during purchase that you have it setup as AUD and do not require a billing address as mandatory
PayPal “PayFlow Pro” Payment Gateway

While there are many on-line payment gateways available, Wisenet has chosen the PayPal PayFlow Pro account for Online Enrolment for the following reasons:

  • Ability to integrate with 3rd Party Applications (like Wisenet) – Learners do not have to go outside of Online Enrolment to process payments
  • Transaction details can be recorded against the enrolment for reporting and accounting purposes
  • PayPal is not aligned to any one particular bank
  • Excellent security and reliability
  • Improves your cash flow and reduces costs by processing payments instantly – removing the need to have people and resources available to process payments manually
  • Credit card transactions are processed securely and funds transferred directly to your account (at no time do funds or credit card details come through Wisenet)
Setup and Subscription Fees

Please refer to PayPal Website for up to date pricing.

Once you have signed up and configured PayFlow Pro, you can test your login by using https://manager.paypal.com/

If login works as expected, you need to enter you PayPal details into your Wisenet Account Settings.

Testing Connection

The best way to do this is to use a test Learner record in Learner Admin and click on Payments in the left hand navigation.

  • This test Learner record will need to have a course enrolment in a course offer with fee info
  • In the payment section you can add payment and make a credit card payment of $1.00
  • The result should show as successful in Learner Admin and should also appear in the Paypal Manager transaction section
How it works with Wisenet

Each time there is a credit card transaction within Online Enrolment or Learner Admin the request is sent to PayPal using your account login. PayPal processes each transaction and records a transaction result which is sent back to Wisenet. You can view these transactions in your PayPal account. A summary of the result codes can be seen in the Transaction Result Values

Credit card transactions are failing / Not Processing in Learner Admin or Online Enrolment

This is usually due to incorrect setup

  • Are you sure you have a PaypalFlow account?
  • Double check the details entered into the portal settings.
    • You can verify the PayPal details entered into the settings by using them to login to PayPal Manager
  • Is your paypal account set to require capturing “Billing Address” details as mandatory? Typically this will result in No Result Code. If it does not work please reach out to the contact mentioned below.
  • Result code = 1
    • Have you configured allowable IP addresses for PayFlow Pro transactions? See above steps.
    • Invalid Processor information entered. Contact merchant bank to verify. You will need to contact Paypal.
  • Result Code = 99999
    • By default the currency is set to USD and should be checked to ensure that the currency is correctly updated to AUD. If it does not work please reach out to the contact mentioned below.
  • If transactions usually work but you have the odd error… you can login to PayPal and see a transaction summary. This will list the result of each transaction.
  • You can also run report #0131 in Wisenet which will provide you a list of failed transactions with result code, use this code to debug the issue.

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