Overview of Online Enrolment

The Process

The illustration below gives you an overview of the Online Enrolment Process from the time you publish your scope to receiving an application and processing to accept or reject.

The Application

Prospective Learners can apply for Courses on your public website, however they can only apply if:

  • Accept Enrolments is TRUE in your Course Offer > Online Enrolment settings
  • Today’s date is within the Course Offer > Enrolment Period (equal to or after the start date AND equal to or before the end date)
  • There are Vacancies in the Course Offer (number of current enrolments is less than maximum enrolments)

Some of the settings can be turned on and off in your Wisenet Portal settings and please note that some of these settings vary by country.

How a Learner searches for a Course


Learner searches for Course


Clicks on Add To My Courses to add to shopping cart (this step can be configured in your Wisenet Portal Settings, e.g.



Then click on Apply For Enrolment to submit application

How a Learner applies for a Course


  1. Read details carefully to ensure you are applying for the correct Course
  2. Click Next


  1. Carefully read Terms and Conditions
  2. Tick the box I have read and accept the above Terms and Conditions
  3. Click Next


  1. Upload documents by clicking on Add
  2. Select document and click Upload
  3. Click Next


  1. Enter Contact Details
  2. Click Next


  1. Enter Personal Details
  2. Click Next


  1. Enter any Additional Notes
  2. Click Next


  1. Review all Contact Details and Personal Information that have been entered
  2. Click Next


  1. Choose method of payment and follow prompts
  2. Click Next


  1. Provide Payment Details
  2. Click Next


  1. Review all Contact Details, Personal Information and Payment Details that have been entered
  2. Click Apply


When the application is being processed and you see this on your screen (refer to image), please do not press Back or Refresh buttons as this will resume as an error in your application and it will not go through.


Application for Enrolment is Complete

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