New Zealand Onboarding: Extend

The fourth stage of your Onboarding is referred to as Becoming Operational: Extend

In this stage you will learn about the additional layers and features available in Wisenet to help you capitalise on your account. Not all of these features will be required for reporting for your Organisation however, we recommend that you read over the resource to see how this could benefit you. They can assist with processes and ensuring all information is up to date and ready.

In Onboarding: Extend  you will discover: how to add locations, record staff details, link enrolments to workplaces, monitoring Agents for international Learners and how to create timetables.

Time Allocation: Please allow approximately 2-3hrs to go through these areas. This time will depend on the size of your organisational requirements however, it can be completed in sections.



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Workplaces can be used for tracking details for any type of employment or training based organisation. This is not mandatory. Only use Workplaces if it is application to your Learners.

Here you will learn:

  • What is a Workplace
  • How to Add and Edit Workplaces
  • Link Learners to Workplaces

Discover more about Workplaces



The Wisenet Portal enables you to control information and settings on your Trainer App, Learner App, return email addresses etc.

Here you will learn:



This is an area that requires time, attention and constant referral. It is the responsibility of the PTE to stay up to date with reporting and compliance requirements and changes. Wisenet has endeavoured to make this aspect as simple and easy as possible.

Please take your time to read through the various compliance requirements that may apply to your delivery.




Study Link

New Zealand Field Guidelines 



Timetables are a useful way of recording attendance. This is required for some reporting purposes. 

Here you will learn:

  • Add a timetable
  • Record and  Monitor attendance

Learn more Timetables



This feature is mainly designed to accommodate requirements for International Learners and Agents.

Here you will learn:

  • Manage and record sales agents and their referral learners including promotions and commission
  • Link Agents to Learns and Course Offers

Discover more about Sales


Letter of Offer

A Letter of Offer (Offer Letter) is a document which outlines the Courses offered to a Learner, the study period, fees and payment schedule. You can create, customise and manage your Letter of Offer templates in Wisenet.  Generated Letters of Offer are saved against the Learner record and can be sent out as required. This is not mandatory and may not apply to your delivery.

Here you will Learn:

How to set up Letter of Offer

How to use Checklists 

Becoming Operational: Details is now Completed

We hope you enjoyed discovering more features of Wisenet and how you can utilise them for delivery in your organisation.

You now know how to:

  • Add Workplaces
  • Update your compliance fields
  • Update your Portal settings
  • Create Timetables
  • Monitor Attendance
  • Use Sales feature
  • Create a Letter of Offer
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You are now ready for the next step of Onboarding.

Becoming Operational- Communicate


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