New Zealand Onboarding: Delivery

Congratulations! You are on the second stage of your Onboarding journey – Delivery.

Here you will learn the foundations required for your delivery of Courses. It is critical to take time in this stage as it will impact ease of reporting and use of your account.

The LRM is where information is stored regarding your Course delivery and Enrolment.

In Delivery you will discover: How to enter Organisation details, add Courses (Qualifications) and Units (Courses), and set up REST access for NSN integration.

Time Allocation: Please allow approximately 1-2 hours to go through these areas. However, please note that this time will depend on the size of your organisational requirements.

At any stage you can go back to the Onboarding Page.


Learn more about the LRM. Hover over the different areas to discover their feature and function.


Organisation Details

Enter key details such as PTE number and address details.

How to Add a Organisation 



Adding Locations and linking these to your Course Offers is mandatory.

You cannot create Course Offers without being able to include the Location. One location is sufficient.

How to Add and Edit Locations



We understand that in New Zealand there are no contracts that must be reported to any of the Government departments. However, in Wisenet, you cannot create a Course Offer without linking it to a Contract.

The Contract that we suggest you link your Course Offers to is called: FFS – Other (OS) – Fee For Service

  1. Please check that the Contract FFS – Other (OS) – Fee For Service is in your database
  2. If not, please Add a Contract and Training Schedule following the New Zealand tab for suggestions


Courses (Qualifications)

Qualifications are set up as Courses in Wisenet. This is where important information is set up for NZQA, SDR and UIP.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that the Course fields are completed correctly. Use the Field Guidelines: New Zealand to determine if a particular field is needed.


  • If you think your Course was imported, do NOT create a new Course first. Search for it in the Courses tab and if it already exists, fill in any missing details.
  • If your Course does not exist in Wisenet, add a new course manually.


Units (Courses)

Units contain information required for TEC reporting and sits underneath a Course. Important information such as the Version, EFTS and Credits are set up here.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure the Unit fields are completed correctly by using the Field Guidelines: New Zealand.


  • If your Units were imported and the exact Unit Code (including its version) already sit in Wisenet, you do not need to create a new Unit. Search for it in the Units tab and fill in the missing details.
  • If your exact Unit Code (including its version) does not exist in Wisenet, manually add a new unit.

NOTE: Units are also known as ‘Courses’ in New Zealand. However, these are referred to as Units in Wisenet.


Staff (Optional)

Staff section does not simply refer to Trainers but also Coordinator roles and Assessors.

You will discover more about Staff at a later stage however, if you have Course Coordinators, now is when you must add a Coordinator in order to create your Course Offers.

When Adding Staff  make sure you tick the box for Coordinator.

NOTE: Please be mindful that when you invite a user from the Portal. The staff section is auto populated with the person’s details. Be careful not to create duplicates. 

If you want to learn more about Staff now see our Staff page.


Set Up NSN REST Access

Wisenet provides a Web Service in conjunction with the Ministry of Education (MoE) which allows you to retrieve and allocate the NZ National Student Numbers directly via Wisenet.

Learn More How to Set-Up REST Access for your Organisation

Set Up Delivery Completed

Congratulations on completing the second step of your Onboarding with Wisenet.

You now know how to:

  • Add and Edit Courses and Units
  • Add Location and Contract details
  • Add Staff details
  • Set Up NSN REST Access
Next: Becoming Operational: Enrolment

You are now ready for the next step of Onboarding.

Becoming Operational: Enrolment


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