OLD Moodle Integration FAQ

Heads up! You are viewing an article about our old Moodle Connectors that will soon be retired. Go to New Elearning Integration

Why am I getting a “Moodle can’t connect” – “Status 401” – “Unauthorized” error message?

Check that you can see and/or add see or add Wisenet Moodle Connector as an Enrolment method in the option. If not:

  • then check that you have Wisenet Moodle Connector active (you may want to check that your license for Moodle connector hasn’t expired or turned off)
How does my training organisation notify Wisenet of how we want Moodle to link to Wisenet?

When you first request Moodle, Wisenet will ask you to tell us your choice. You can change your decision at any time. This is a setting you can change for yourself, too: see Moodle Integration for further information

Can I have some Moodle Courses linked to Wisenet Course Offers and some linked to Unit Offers?

No, sorry. The Integration plugin currently only allows one choice. If you think you need this, please contact us and let’s work out a good solution.

Can I link multiple Moodle Courses to the one Wisenet Code?

Yes, you can. For example, you may have three Moodle courses linked to the one Wisenet Course Offer Code.

Can I link multiple Wisenet Course Offers or Unit Offer codes to the one Moodle Course?

Yes, providing that the Wisenet codes are all of the same type (eg. all Course Offers, all Unit Offer codes etc) – just separate them by a semi-colon.

I have the new version plugin. Where do I locate the Moodle Course mapping field in my Moodle Course?

In the Moodle course, in the side navigation, under Course Administration > Users > Enrolment Method, click on Wisenet Moodle Connector. The page that loads has the Moodle Connector Mapping field (refer to screenshot)

I have the old version plugin. Where do I locate the Moodle Course ID number in my Moodle Course?

You will find it in the Moodle Course settings (for step-by-step instructions, see : Moodle: Add and Edit Moodle Course)

Does it matter whether I link the Moodle course before I enable Moodle access for my learners?

Yes, it does. Ideally, link the Moodle course before you enable Moodle access for learners. If you didn’t do it this way round, see Moodle Enrolments FAQ for how to trigger learner auto- enrolment in Moodle.

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